Healing yourself is loving yourself.

Before entering the world of the healing arts in 2015, I held roles including Deputy Director, Special Agent/Criminal Investigator, Midwest Grappling and World Series of Poker Champion.

Through these roles and my studies in the healing arts, I have developed a unique ability to read bodies, voice and energy. Using this ability, I support you getting where you want to go and feeling how you want to feel.

My intuitive work is done in collaboration with you and combines the use of multiple modalities, including breathwork, touch, meditation, movement, energy and sound.

I’ve supported my clients in healing themselves resulting in:
connecting deeply with others (spouse, teenager, newfound love)
• canceling major surgery
• recovering from addiction
• releasing grief around death and loss
• resolving trauma
• shifting out of deep depression
• relieving anxiety/daily stress
• releasing unnecessary weight

…to live with greater contentment, clarity and peace along life’s path.

I lead classes, workshops and run private retreats for personal growth and expansion, both nationally and internationally, as well as corporate wellness events. 

I am proud of having healed myself from a laundry list of “permanent” physical and mental conditions, using food and mind-body techniques. 

I live just outside Washington, DC in North Bethesda, Maryland. I love nature, animals, my work and being of service. 

Are you ready to fall in love with yourself and your life?

If so, I can help you. Get in touch.

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