"Ashira has a true gift for helping people realize their own gifts."

Ashira has an intuitive sense as a massage therapist. She approaches her work from a place of deep compassion and clarity. A massage session with her brings peace, a state of well-being, and a feeling of being nurtured. Coupled with her skills as a license massaged therapist, she comes to you with a brilliant mind, a knowledge of life, and a realization if its meaning. You feel whole and balanced after having received a massage therapy session with her. -Robert Jordan, Robert Jordan Health Services

One reason to work with Ashira is to expand into the possibilities of a greater heart space than you think is possible. To experience this expansion of self love is truly self transformative.

Ashira has a true gift for helping people realize their own gifts. She’s incredibly intuitive and compassionate, and she carries that through during meditation and massage therapy. I’ve always felt comfortable and safe with her, And I’m sure you will too.  – Elaine A

In 2 sessions, I had more clarity, got more tools and felt better than I had after 2 years of weekly therapy. I wish I’d been seeing Ashira instead of my therapist. -L

I entered the session feeling frustration, tension and a general sense of overwhelm. I was trapped in my head and attempting to fix my problems. There was a desire to give up and like I was running out of motivation. I am now leaving with the qualities of being calm, cool and collected after receiving Ashira’s wise and compassionate presence. We began with discussing my challenges, moved into yogic breathing techniques, and finished with a nurturing body-work session. My aspiration is to carry this attitude with me home, and to nurture it to allow it to grow and become a friend that I return to time and again. – NMS, cartographer 

Ashira Lavine is an exceptionally talented wellness guide. Her knowledge and understanding of massage, yoga, and mediation transcend mere skill and understanding. She has observation, listing, and intuitive skill that enable her to see clearly what is needed and how she can assist.  Somehow she knows how to combine massage, yoga, and or massage to support my work. After a few months, my mediation and yoga practices have begun to approach the  level of usefulness I have dreamed of for years.  She is helping me find my path to happiness and well being. -Mark Shaffer


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