I’m deeply excited to announce an offering of life changing work that will begin in January 2021. This intimate, 6 month journey will take us into some of the most meaningful aspects of life as we actively shift from survival mode to thriving.

The Creative Life Series was designed by Jim Morningstar of Transformations USA. Jim is a Master Teacher and Breathworker. I could spend the rest of my days exploring the depth and wisdom in this one program alone.

Each month we will have a theme, and you will be provided with a recording of Jim’s teaching to be listened to before we gather (virtually) as a group. In the group sessions we will discuss the content, breathe together, and share our challenges, realizations, and breakthroughs.

There will be supportive practices, connection, and homework between each monthly group meeting. Depending on the state of the world, some in-person options might be offered.

Every class will be held on the last Wednesday of each month from 6:30-9:30pm EST. 

Here are the dates and themes of each class:

January 27th:
Spiritual Psychology

Reconditioning the mind by learning and experimenting with the principals of how it works; integrating my highest spiritual purpose with my material and emotional desires; putting myself pleasurably in the drivers seat of my life.

February 24th:
Reading and releasing my body; mastering its flow of energy and how it communicates; deep listening and working with the body to empower its natural healing and thriving potential. Inviting and cultivating a pleasurable and friendly relationship to my body.

March 31st:
Living with the sense of abundance; meeting and exceeding my financial and occupational goals; setting up my life to give and receive at greater levels of pleasure and satisfaction. Welcome and explore the nature of thriving.

April 28th:
Loving Relationships
Releasing ineffective relationship patterns and increasing my potential for love and pleasure with others; how getting the fulfillment I want benefits everyone and contributes to a healthful eco-system of thriving relationships throughout my community.

May 26th:
Multi-level awareness
An experience of multilevel awareness which deepens my sense of direction and purpose in this life; an extraordinary adventure.


June 30th:
Living with the experience of having completed 6 months of new discovery. Freedom from the “Parental Disapproval Syndrome” and the “Need/Obligate Patterns.” Living without the urgency that often motivates us to hurry up and be better because we’re always falling short of satisfaction with where we are now.

$150 per month
$595 one-time payment

Space is limited to 12 participants.
3 spaces remaining.

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