Online Gentle Stretch
Wednesdays at 12pm

Every level is welcome for this meditative mindful relaxing class. Each class will support you with gentle breath and movement in restoring and revitalizing your mind and body. 

Location: ZOOM



Online Sound & Healing
April 5, May 31, June  7

Be surrounded by meditative healing vibrations with  positive energy to support the deepest rest and fully restore the mind, body and spirit. Sound healing soothes the nervous system and stimulates the body to self heal. Meditative brainwave states access higher levels of consciousness and can be experienced.

Hosted by: Ashira & Josh Howell

$25 per ticket

$10 for veterans
if you need financial consideration, please contact me

Location: ZOOM




Online Mind Body Fusion Breath™
Tuesdays & 
Location: ZOOM

Use your body’s wisdom to heal through the breath. 

What would YOU like to change in your life? Would you like support in letting go, shifting, moving, growing or healing something? 

By bringing breath awareness to the forefront of your consciousness you can make deep and profound positive changes immediately and permanently. 

During this class you will be guided in focusing on your breath to create positive change in your physiological health; rebalancing and cleansing your system. You will strengthen your physical and emotional health, peeling away any layers of pain, and healing–it’s all available to you. It’s all possible. 

Come breathe with me.

$15 per ticket




Private Reflection Reading
These are 60 minute personal “intuitive downloads” to support your evolution to become your best self. My background in reading people allows me to provide you with a unique perspective into your life. 

$79 (intro session)



I am able to perceive deep information about people and situations. It’s part of why I entered careers that involved reading people. Throughout my government career I was also an independent contractor for a private company that analyzed face and body language to recognize truth and credibility, in other words, deception detection. While getting my Master’s in Criminology, I interned at Quantico in the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit. “Profilers” was a popular term back then.

I used my ability to read people and surroundings to assist me as a martial arts competitor who was gentle in the dojo, yet fierce in competition. I retired undefeated in my half dozen competitive fights, taking the gold in the Midwest Grappling Championships.

I went to work at the US Department of Health and Human Services and, applying my knowledge of reading people, projects, and situations, I rapidly progressed to Deputy Director in my early 30s. Eventually I moved agencies, becoming a Special Agent in Criminal Investigation.

I also dabbled in the world of professional poker for about 10 years, utilizing my skill set to win a World Series event and subsequently running deep in another, finishing 12th out of 4400. I chose to end my federal career, leaving administration and law enforcement in order to heal myself from years of trauma. Through my own healing I began to accept myself and the gifts I have to offer. Those gifts include touch, voice, and energy healing rising from what I interpret in people and situations.

If you would like to hear, see and feel what I have to offer, please contact me.

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