I am able to perceive deep information about people and situations. It’s part of why I entered careers that involved reading people. Throughout my government career I was also an independent contractor for a private company that analyzed face and body language to recognize truth and credibility, in other words, deception detection. While getting my Master’s in Criminology, I interned at Quantico in the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit. “Profilers” was a popular term back then.

I used my ability to read people and surroundings to assist me as a martial arts competitor who was gentle in the dojo, yet fierce in competition. I retired undefeated in my half dozen competitive fights, taking the gold in the Midwest Grappling Championships.

I went to work at the US Department of Health and Human Services and, applying my knowledge of reading people, projects, and situations, I rapidly progressed to Deputy Director in my early 30s. Eventually I moved agencies, becoming a Special Agent in Criminal Investigation.

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